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State vs. Federal Bail

State Bail Bonds vs. Federal Bonds Federal bonds, and State bail bonds are not the same thing, however, can often be confused with each other. State bail bonds are regulated by their respective state, and rely upon an individual county’s set bail schedule.  In most state cases, a defendant can be granted their freedom by...Read More

Jail Release Options

The Release From Custody Options There are a few release options available to individuals who have been arrested in the state of California.  While some of these options will require financial payment up front, some will not. Getting released on a bail bond, is probably the most common release option utilized.  Being granted a bail...Read More

How Bail is Set

How Bail Is Set In California Bail amounts are set by each county, in the state of California.  Every individual county sets its own “bail schedule” on a yearly basis.  Even though bail amounts do not change all that much, every county still follows the process of setting up an annual bail schedule.  California has...Read More

Following Arrest

The Process Following An Arrest After an individual has been arrested in the state of California, they will be transported to a local law enforcement station to be booked and processed.  The time it takes to process an offender will depend on upon the size of the station, or jail, and just how busy they...Read More

Bounty Hunters

The Role of a Bounty Hunter A large number of people have probably watched, or perhaps even heard of the Television reality show “Bounty Hunter.” Some individuals may even consider this to be an exciting, or even glamorous career. In spite of this, the truth is very different. Whilst they may experience various adrenalin pumping...Read More

Bail Costs

California Bail Costs In the state of California, the bail industry is controlled. Any bail bond is 10% and happens to be mandated by California law, and set by the California Department of Insurance. A bail fee is essentially a percentage in regards to the total cost for bail, and is non refundable. California bail...Read More
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