How Bail is Set

How Bail Is Set In California

Bail amounts are set by each county, in the state of California.  Every individual county sets its own “bail schedule” on a yearly basis.  Even though bail amounts do not change all that much, every county still follows the process of setting up an annual bail schedule.  California has the highest bail amounts in the United States.  The counties of Orange, and Los Angeles in fact, are the highest of all.  It is therefore very important for people who have been arrested in California, to seek professional assistance from a top quality bail bonds company.

It is always a Judge who will set the bail, which is determined by a set criteria.  At the top of the list will be public safety, followed by the severity of the crime that the defendant has been charged with.  Any previous criminal history will also be looked at, as well as whether the defendant is a repeat offender. A Judge will also make the determination on whether or not the defendant is a flight risk. It is only natural to assume, the more severe the crime, and the more criminal history a defendant has, the higher the bail is going to be.

It is possible for a Judge to alter the amount of bail, or conditions of bail, during the arraignment.  In some instances, a defendant, or even their family, may prefer for the defendant to remain in custody until their court date in the hope that the bail will be reduced.  The Judge does have the authority to leave the bail as it stands, lower it, increase it, or even deny it altogether.  This is the risk a defendant will have to take anytime the appear before the Judge when they haven’t applied for bail in the first instance.

It is always highly advised to seek the assistance of a reputable bail bonds company as soon as possible.  It is also wise to remember, that no bail bondsman, or even attorney, can guarantee that bail will be granted.  The only person who can make that call, is the Judge.